When a Headache Should be Treated

Is a headache, really just a headache? How can this be differentiated? When do know that it's normal or nothing serious and when is it serious and needing for professional care? Here are the types of headaches one may experience to better understand the difference between each?


The most headache that everyone gets is known as the tension headache. Because it's a normal type of headache, people don't put too much attention to it, with the thought that it will go away sooner or later. When this is felt, there is pressure in the forehead, temples and finally on the area near the nape. Usually when a person faces stressful experiences that's when this headache is felt. A problematic person or someone who is a constant worrier is more likely to get this all the time. Despite the fact that the pain is almost reaching a 10 in the pain scale, there is still no signs that it has neurological symptoms and connections. This means that the cause of the headache is something other than that. And so the treatment for such are simply over the counter drugs or a Yoga session to manage the pain.


A migraine is most definitely not the same as a headache. This has to be known because migraines are more serious, in a way that it can be rooted to other medical conditions. It has neurological symptoms present since it involves the unusual flow of blood trough the brain. Among the said symptoms are nausea, light sensitivity, the sensation that feels like pins and needles pinching the head, severe pain and also visual disturbances. The treatment fr such goes beyond the over the counter medication, rather Botox injections are becoming a popular therapy and treatment for migraines as opted for by many doctors. This is an effective therapy as the pain is said to be gone for a number of months, keeping the patient feeling relieved.


Among the other kinds of headache are the sinus headache, cluster headache and trigeminal nerve pain. Sometimes though, excessive use of medicines also bring a different kind of headache. For this reason many are in the search for treatments that do not make use of drugs. Botox comes in the form of an injection and need not be taken daily but rather one shot alone. One shot is said to last for six whole months where the patient will not feel the terrible pains of migraine. If you need an electromyography treatment, visit our site to find out how to get one.