Migraine Treatment - What Are Your Options?

Anyone who is suffering from persistent and frequent migraine attacks might be ready in trying anything that will allow them to stop and keep off migraine attacks. Between the nausea, the dizziness and pain, sufferers are very willing to try out any migraine treatments that are available. In this article, I will discuss some of the treatments that work effectively to fight off the attacks.


The beta blockers are one of the commonest treatments for migraines that are being prescribed these days. It is working by slowing down the person's heartbeat. Actually, this is designed originally as a way to treat the high blood pressure of people. The slower the heartbeat that a person has, the lower their blood pressure is going to be. As a matter of fact, many sufferers have found this treatment to be very effective as they are slowing down the nerve impulses that might trigger migraine attacks. If you have been prescribed with beta blockers by your doctors, then make sure to follow their instruction to attain best results.


Based from nerve conduction studies, another type of medication that's normally prescribed for high blood pressure but works effectively in dealing with migraine is calcium channel blockers. These can cause the blood vessels to relax. As a result, they affect the blood pressure and thus, relieves migraine. Similar to beta blockers, these calcium channel blockers ought to be taken as what the doctors have prescribed.


There are also other treatments for migraines that aren't requiring any prescriptions from doctors. Take this for instance, an expert study done in Belgium has discovered that a person who regularly take Vitamin B2 had reduced migraine attacks for almost 30 percent. Feverfew leaf is another common homeopathic migraine treatments; as a matter of fact, aside from using this to treat chronic migraine, this is sometimes used in treating arthritis as well. It appears to function as anti-inflammatory agent and controlling the release of serotonin which is also believed to be a great contributor to migraine attacks.


Botox injections are a new form of migraine treatment being used today. And even if they're new, they are very effective as it works by paralyzing the nerves and preventing it to spark a migraine attack. While there's much debate on using Botox injections for migraine treatments, many of those who've tried such stated that it really does work. In case that all other options have failed you to deal with migraine attacks, you can speak to your doctor on this option.